Centro Diffusione Lingua e Cultura Italiana, promotes the Italian language and  culture all over the North of England and we work to preserve the cultural background of the Italian Community based in this area and to promote our language and culture in the North West and the Midlands.

Our Company has been based in Manchester for more than 20 years more than sufficient to guarantee the quality of services we offer. We employ native speaking, full qualified Italian teachers who work for us in different areas and in different schools.



Our activities are partially financed and backed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Italy, therefore we work in connection with the Italian General Consulate in London, that strictly audit all our financial activities as they are strictly subjects to the regulation in force, related to the contribution we receive from Italy. ( see the link below).  Our courses  are monitored and directed by the Head of the Education Department of the Italian General Consulate in London, Dott. Roberta Guzzardi

 As for the English legislation, C.D.L.C.I. is a Limited Company no profit. registered on 24th January 2001 - Company Number 4147286


Below is the link of the Education Department of the Italian consulate, where you will find more information about courses and also, teaching materials.