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Italy is a country able to   satisfy the needs and wishes of any type of travellers. Being a peninsula it is surrounded by the sea and it has wonderful beaches; however should you not particularly like the seaside, you could spend some time at the lakes or decide to visit our enchanting mountains where you could spend your winter holidays skiing at one of the many ski resorts Italy has to offer. Moreover, if you love art and history, no matter which part of Italy you choose for your holiday, there are  masterpieces wherever you go, even in the smallest village of our Country.

Italy is a country for everyone because the 20 Regions from which it is made up,  are so different from one to another that each of them is a little Italy on its own.  From North to South you will find different traditions, different food, and different scenarios: the only thing which stays the same is its beauty… that will constantly remind  you that you are in Italy!

Considering the above we believe it is very important to give to Italian students the possibility to visit Italy therefore, with cooperation with the schools and parents we can organize a wonderful visit to Italy
"Leonardo da Vinci" ltd
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